Company overview

Company name

TresCreo Consulting Inc.


Provide value creation support to Japanese listed companies through corporate value consulting and/or engagement investment business.


11335 NE 122nd Way Suite 105, Kirkland, WA, 98034, USA

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Teppei Tokura


April 2023

Fiscal Year End

December 31

Our strength


Support for planning and execution of three core strategies (Business, Finance, and IR) together as a “trinity”


Advice from
management consultant


foreign institutional investors perspectives


Corporate analysis





CEO message

戸倉 鉄兵 (Teppei Tokura)

In Japan, there are 3,800 listed companies, of which approximately 2,500 (65%) are unfairly valued low at less than 1.5x PBR by the capital market. For example, even Toyota Motor Corporation, the top Japanese company by market capitalization, is at only 1.0x PBR.

What is the main cause of this phenomenon?

It is very simple – the company’s Business, Financial, or IR strategy has diverged significantly from the expectations of the capital markets.

For example, a Japanese company, despite having the top global market share for its products and strong profit growth, is trading at a much lower price than its global competitors because it continues to pile cash and fails to appeal to investors. It is a “waste” for a company that has the potential to maximize its value but is undervalued by the capital markets.

“Restore the “value” and “confidence” of Japanese companies.”

this is our mission.

Founder’s bio

Joining Fuji Bank (now Mizuho Bank) in 2000, Mr. Tokura worked as a corporate loan officer, supporting business loans for domestic and foreign manufacturers, service companies, information and telecommunications companies, and real estate companies, acquiring the basic skills of corporate analysis. In addition, he set himself a quota of 10 door-to-door sales visits per day to improve his communication skills, which he started cultivating early in his school days through tutoring and newspaper sales. He worked with a venture company, which later went public, to execute Japan’s first development-type securitization.

In 2002, Mr. Tokura transferred to Mizuho Securities, where he worked on M&A and securitization transactions for financial institutions. As an arranger, he analyzed millions of financial and cash flow data and closed more than 20 deals while coordinating the interests of clients, lawyers, accountants, tax accountants, and rating agencies.

In 2007, he continued his career to Boston Consulting Group, where he worked in both Tokyo and Berlin offices. He engaged in a wide variety of projects (portfolio strategy development, growth strategy development, mid-term business plan development, new business creation, sales force enhancement support, M&A and capital alliance support, business due diligence, etc.) in a wide range of industries (consumer goods, industrial materials, healthcare, retail, internet services, banking, PE funds, etc.) in Japan and globally. In addition to thorough corporate analysis, he has established a consulting style that emphasizes both management and gemba (“front-line”) points of view.

Joining Taiyo Pacific Partners in 2014, he was involved in both private equity and engagement investments. He, acting as a bridge between management and gemba (“front-line”), has been worked in a wide range of industries including consumer goods, industrial materials, retail, and internet services for growth strategy development, overseas expansion strategy development, mid-term business plan development, M&A / capital alliance, equity story development, investor development, IPO operations, and capital allocation policy planning.

Established TresCreo Consulting Inc. in the U.S. in 2023.